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Eliminate Laxatives

Can I Quit Laxatives Using Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend?


Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend can help you to safely quit laxatives and achieve healthy regularity. Used as recommended, Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend has been shown clinically effective in alleviating constipation for patients of all ages. Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend outperforms bulk forming laxatives and is highly recommended as a substitute.

What About Long Term Laxative Habits?

Customers with 30 and 40 year long laxative habits have been able to safely quit laxatives and achieve natural regularity using Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend. Our unique, specially blended combination of prunes, dates and raisins provides the necessary soluble and insoluble fibers required to improve stool texture, moisturize and nourish the colon lining, and strengthen the muscles of elimination. It works with the body, naturally and gradually overtime to help to heal and retrain the colon. Once healthy regularity is achieved, laxatives are no longer required and the laxative habit is broken.

Healthy Regularity without Dependency

Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend is not habit forming so you can achieve healthy regularity without forming dependency. Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend contains no medication or medicinal herbs. No chemicals, no stimulants, not even senna. Just pure fruit to help you Get Going...Naturally™. Unlike laxatives, there is nothing to make you run to the bathroom… and nothing that will interfere with medications. And, unlike harsh laxatives that can damage the colon, Fruit-Eze™ unique fruit blend works with the body to achieve healthy and natural regularity without promoting dependency.

Laxatives Promote Dependency

Laxatives can damage the colon, cause constipation, and promote dependency especially when used long term. Laxatives can also cause imbalances in bodily fluids, lead to complications in other parts of the body, and interfere with the therapeutic action of other medications. Kick the habit with all natural Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend.