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More Laxative Articles

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Why Are Laxatives Used?

Why are Laxatives Used? / Why are Laxatives Prescribed? / 
Why Should Laxatives be Avoided? / What are the Alternatives?


The Limits of Stool Softeners

About Docusate Sodium / About So Called Natural Stool Softeners" /
Alternatives to Chemical Stool Softeners


Dry Fiber Laxatives & Impaction Risk

4 Reasons Not To Take Dry Fiber Laxatives at Night (Promotes Impaction) /
Dosing Time - Daytime Only / Alternatives to Dry Fibert Laxatives


Cautions to Observe

When Using Laxatives / Alternatives to Laxatives


About Fiber Laxatives

How They Work / Compare for Yourself (table) / Fiber Agents & Brand Names (table).

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