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What is Fruit-Eze™?

Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend is a safe, effective, all-natural alternative to laxatives made of prunes, raisins, dates, and prune juice.

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The result of over 10 years of research, development and testing, Fruit-Eze™ pure fruit regularity blend is a highly concentrated and easily assimilated source of soluble and insoluble fruit fibers specially processed to help you to Get Going...Naturally™.

Only the most delicious prunes, dates, and raisins are selected to make Fruit-Eze™. These high fiber fruits are prepared in exactly the right proportions, and in exactly the right manner, to be highly effective in promoting regularity. Moist and delicious Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend can be eaten alone, spread like jelly on toast, stirred into juice, or combined with food.


Is It a Laxative?

Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend is an alternative to laxatives. It contains no medication or medicinal herbs. No chemicals, no stimulants, not even senna. Just pure fruit to help you Get Going...Naturally™. Unlike laxatives, Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend is not addictive and does not damage the colon. There is nothing to make you run to the bathroom and nothing that will interfere with medications. And, unlike laxatives that can damage the colon, Fruit-Eze™ pure fruit regularity blend works with the body gently, naturally and gradually, over time to help heal and retrain your colon.


How Does It Compare?

Used alone as recommended, Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend has been shown clinically effective in alleviating constipation for patients of all ages, including constipation leading to impaction. Fruit-Eze™ regularity blend outperforms bulk forming laxatives and is highly recommended as a substitute.

Storage Instructions

Convenient to Use and Store

Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend is a thick jam tasting of sweet prunes, raisins, and dates. It is not a pill. It is not a powder. There is no need to add water. There is no mixing, no mess, and no need to drink extra fluids. Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend does not require refrigeration. So, you can take it with you wherever you go.