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Clinical Trials

Couple Embracing

Average Number of Stools per Month per Participant
(Aug. – Oct. = establish base line; Nov. Begin F-E Bowel Program)

Elderly Study

Study of elderly nursing home residents (using Fruit-Eze™) reported in Nursing Home Medicine, November 1995: Significant increase in stool frequency for 100% of participants using Fruit-Eze™. Staff had “strong preference” for Fruit-Eze™ Program.

“This study shows that it is possible to achieve marked and sustained correction of chronic constipation. . . . Typical staff responses referred to more predictable and more ‘normal’ stool patterns.”

Children's Study

Study of children 9 mos–19 yrs (using Fruit-Eze™) conducted by Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1998:

  • Significant increase in stool frequency for program participants using Fruit-Eze™.
  • Significant improvement in stool texture with Fruit-Eze™.

“The perceptions of the subjects and parents support the effectiveness of the product.”

Children With Arms Around Each Other

Average Number of Stools per Week per Participant