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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend made of?
Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend is an all natural, 100% fruit product make of prunes, dates, raisins and prune juice.
Do I need to refrigerate my Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend?
No refrigeration is required.  Because of its consistency and its natural properties, Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend stores at room temperature like honey or dried fruit.  We have some test containers of Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend that is over five years old and remains unspoiled.
Can I buy Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend at my local store?
You can purchase Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend directly from Fruit-Eze™, Inc. by calling, toll free, 1-888-Regular or on our web site, www.fruiteze.com.  We ship UPS within 24 hours of receiving your order.
Do you have more than one size container available?
Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend comes in one size only, a 32 oz. container.
How long will one 32 oz. container last?
An adult will find about four weeks' supply, and children, depending on weight, will find enough for two months.  Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend stores at room temperature and will remain good for at least 18 months.  (see question 2, above).
How much Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend should I use?
An average adult uses two tablespoons per day; children use two - four teaspoons. If improvement is not significant after a week, it is fine to try three spoons per day.
When should Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend be taken?
It is very important to use Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend every single day.  Consistency is the key to regularity.  Most people find that Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend in the morning with breakfast makes for the easiest routine and produces the best results.
Can I cook with Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend or combine it with other foods?
While Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend tastes delicious and most people eat it right off the spoon, it is also great on toast, graham crackers, in cereal or even on ice cream!  We discourage cooking or baking with it, however.  One good baking solution is to make any type of cookie, then put a dollop of Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend on top after the cookies have cooled.
How long before Fruit-Eze fruit blend starts working?
Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend has no harsh chemicals or herbs to create an urgent need to toilet.  Instead results are achieved gradually over a period of several days.  Most people discover improvement in stool texture first, and then improvement in stool frequency, and, finally, a regular schedule of bowel movements of good texture.  Many people will have a good BM within the first two to five days, and have an established a routine within two weeks.  Some people take one or two weeks to get to a good stool texture and then up to six weeks to establish regularity.
Do I need to increase my fluid intake while using Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend?
No.  Unlike those powders that are often taken for constipation, Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend will not soak up the fluid in your system making extra fluid intake imperative.  However, as you have no doubt heard before, it is good for all around health to drink plenty of liquids.
What is regularity?
Regularity is having a bowel movement of good texture two - three times per week. without having to strain a lot.  Many people are surprised with this definition and expect a BM - or even two BM's! - every single day.  Although some people do go that often, they are the exception, not the rule.  Some people's bowel health is greatly improved merely by the relief of knowing that two - three times a week is perfectly ok.
Can a diabetic use Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend?
Yes.  One fruit exchange should be made for one to two tablespoons of Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend.  One fruit and one bread exchange should be made for three to four tablespoons.
Is there anyone who shouldn't use Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend?
Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend is not recommended for people with hyperkalemia, severe renal disease (dialysis residents), those people on a low fiber diet (aka: "low residue diet" ) or anyone who cannot eat prunes, dates or raisins.
I have gas and a little cramping. Should I stop using Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend?
Occasionally, some gas and some minor cramping are reported during the first few days of using Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend.  This is most likely the result of waste products generated as the healthy bacteria in your colon grows in the friendly environment created by the combination of the introduction to Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend and the elimination of laxative products you may have been using.  Once your body becomes acclimated, usually within three to ten days, the gas and minor cramping will disappear.  If you are too uncomfortable, try cutting back the amount you are using.
Can't I just eat prunes, or blend up my own fruit recipe in my kitchen?
The Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend formula and manufacturing process were developed over a period of two years to provide a carefully balanced, concentrated source of soluble and insoluble fibers and other nutrients not available in prunes alone.  Our choice fruit is specially blended in our factory under controlled conditions so that we consistently produce just the right mixture to ensure the best chance of producing "regular" customers.CLICK HERE to view some of our customers' testimonials.
Does Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend work for everyone?
Our reported success rate has been around 85%.  We suspect that more often than not, if Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend does not achieve the sought after results, it is because it wasn't used consistently every day, or because people gave up too soon.
How long has Fruit-Eze™, Inc., been in business?
Fruit-Eze™, Inc., was founded in 1990.
Why haven't I heard of Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend before?
Until recently, Fruit-Eze™ fruit blend was available primarily for use in Nursing Homes and other Long Term Care facilities.  The same product used by health care professionals since 1990 is now becoming widely available directly to consumers.

Tip: Contact us if you have additional questions: 1-888-Regular (1-888-734-8527). Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time. For your convenience, our voice-mail is available 24 hours a day. Or e-mail us at info@fruiteze.com.