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Customer Testimonials

  • JC from Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Thanks for your help, and for your willingness to answer my questions these past few weeks. Your customer service is awesome.

  • F.C. from Los Angeles, California
    I am absolutely grateful to Fruit Eze, Inc. for creating a product that promotes digestive health the natural way.  My niece developed a hemorrhoid due to severe constipation.  When the hemorrhoid ruptured, her doctor prescribed Miralax for a year!  After doing my research and discovering about the bowels becoming laxative dependent, well, it downright scared me, especially since she was only 5 years old at the time!  She began taking Fruit Eze a couple of months ago and it worked.  Plain and simple.  Now I give it to her sisters, 3 and 1.  I am so happy and relieved that they are taking a product that enhances the natural rhythm of their bodies and how one can achieve health through natural means rather than the "quick fix" mentality that only leads to dependency.  You have made a difference in our lives and have relieved me of so much worry and frustration, especially since it could be difficult at times for children to eat well balanced meals.  Thank you very much.
  • Valerie from Sarasota Florida
    Fruit eze has helped me so much, a God given miracle that I want to share it with others. Since I was young, 12-13 yrs old, I have taken laxatives, I am 43 yr old now. My childhood was a nightmare, my life after that a blur of self destruction, I took laxatives and any pill to relieve any symptom for years. The first to go was alcohol, smoking, anxiety meds, sleeping pills and then laxatives and by far the most addictive. Doctors couldn't understand that I wasn't constipated but that my colon and digestive system was lazy and totally not working. Using key words relating to my symptoms, I found Fruit Eze, seeing that it was all natural I decided to give it a try. I had prayed that morning for healing and found you that same morning. Within 1 month I was healed, sure there are 'slow' times, but I don't give up or give in and keep taking fruit eze, exercising and eating right. Thank you for creating such a miracle product and for helping me and now my mom and friends overcome addictions and future embarrassing health issues! God Bless You!
  • Jill from Knob Nobster, Missouri
    This product (Fruit-Eze) has given me my life back. The products I purchased today were for my family and friends. Thank you.
  • Ella from Junction City Oregon
    Thank you for providing this product. Our chronically constipated 5-year old is now going daily with 4 rounded full tsps of your Fruit-Eze daily. Believe me, she is about the most constipated kid around...or (she) USED TO BE. THANK YOU!
  • Lisa from Santa Rosa California
    Last year at this time a friend of mine gave me a couple jars of Fruit-Eze to counteract the effects that chemotherapy and radiation were having on me. That's how I got started on it. Now I'm in remission, and it's become a part of my daily diet in smoothies.  Yum! Thank you.
  • Mrs. "O" from New Braunfels Texas
    My 18 year old daughter has cerebral palsy and has suffered with constipation her entire life. Inherently, this condition is just a side effect of this handicapping condition. We have tried every method available - fiber powder; fiber pills; mineral oil; bio-feedback; magnesium citrate drink; and laxatives of all kinds.    Nothing worked until I discovered your product by accident one while on the web. Not being a fruit eater, I asked her if "this would be somethingshe might like to try", and wondered what her response would be.   She readily replied "yes"and I ordered it on-line. After receiving it, she tried a tiny bite and said...."hmmmmmmm, not bad" and then ate two spoonfulls. She is regular now due to your miracle product!!   Prior to using Fruit-eze, she would have sometimes 2 weeks in between bowel movements.    Now, she's no longer constipated and goes nearly every single day.  It is such a huge burden lifted from my mind to not have to worry about that for her and she feels 100% better. Thank you so much from the bottom of both our hearts.
  • Catherine from Orlando Florida
    We just received our first order of Fruit-Eze and are delighted with the taste.
  • Lydia from Connecticut
    I just received my Fruit-Eze last Monday. I absolutely love your product! It works just like stated. Thank you.
  • Lorraine P. from Melbourne Australia
    Thanks for a great product... I appreciate the great service that your company provides. The last two shipments have reached me very quickly, so thanks again. Lorraine followed up with a second order and sent another testimonial: Thanks for a great product. I would like to order another 2 containers. I appreciate the great service that your company provides. The last two shipments have reached me very quickly, so thanks again.
  • Whitney S. from Santa Barbara California
    This is my second time ordering.  I love your product...I use your product on a needed basis only, and it works every time.  I tell everyone about it.  I like that it is natural and works with your body.
  • Allein D. from Saucier Mississippi
    Nothing less than a miracle!!!! In less than 1 week, my wife has stopped the daily regimen of 4 senakot caps, 1 ounce of cascara, strong cup of senna tea, cup of prune juice, miralax and frequent enemas. Because of her RSD her medications for the last 7 years had resulted in a non functioning digestive, elimination system. Not only is she having daily movements, but your product has literally increased her quality of life.  Her energy has increased, her spirit is stronger!!!! My sister has just ordered fruiteze because of her similar condition. Your website is listed with nurses in our doctors offices to help others in need.  We tell everyone about your product, it is truely a Godsend. We are expecting to cut back on the 4 tablespoons soon. Also wish to thank you for your immediate responses to our questions.
  • Stacy T. from El Cerrito California
    And thank you for making a great product!!!
  • Julie S. From Toronto Canada
    Here is my story. Fruit-eze seems like nothing short of a miracle for me. For some reasons which I may understand - genetic predisposition and emotional shock - about 3 years ago my bowels just stopped working. No matter what I did I could not get them to move. It seemed unreal to me. I tried diet at first because I was aware that laxatives are not a good option. I did colonics and went to many different practitioners including medical and alternative ones. I had a colonoscopy after which the doctor told me that I had a 'nuisance disease' and there was nothing he could do and I could take all the laxatives I want because there is no medical help. That felt like an insult and a relief all at the same time! Perhaps the fact that I am 59 years old enabled him to be dismissive. I am not so sure. The alternative practitioners weren't any more helpful. They ascribed my problem to my emotions and I think I received a lot of help I actually couldn't use and didn't need. You could say I have learned a lot. Finally, after much misery, my sister in Oregon remembered hearing about Fruit-eze and she suggested I try it. It took a little longer than one week before I saw the first signs of change. I have now returned to the land of people who actually have bowel movements on a somewhat regular basis. I am sure it will take my body a while to regulate itself but I'm so delighted that I don't need anything but wholesome food to make that happen.
  • James D. From Sacramento California
    Truly a miracle product. My 4–year-old loves it.
  • Tanya A. From Vancouver Washington
    Thanks for making such a natural product which helped me a lot. You guys are great and I am glad that I found you.
  • David L. from Portland Oregon
    We love your product.
  • James D. from Sacramento California
    A miracle product.
  • Donna from Hillsboro Oregon
    It is a wonderful product. I am taking the label to my doctor so he can recommend it to others.
  • Sally K.
    I liked your site.
  • Mabel H. from Stamford Connecticut
    Hi, my son Luke is 5 years old and has battled chronic constipation since he stopped breastfeeding. He also is a very picky eater and won't eat fruits or veggies (except for peas). He was afraid to sit on the toilet b/c he was afraid of pain and would have bms standing up. My doctor put him on Glycolax, but that created an accident in Kindergarten class. I just started giving him Fruit-Eze after school and it creates a soft bm within 2 hours. And he now sits down on toilet and says, "mom, it doesn't hurt anymore." Hint: I put it on toast and then spread (something he likes) over it so he doesn't see it (he's very finicky). I'm so excited! Thank you to the genius who invented this product.
  • Carolyne from Tallahassee Florida
    We love your stuff. I told our pediatrician and my friends. It is good for the kids.
  • Leslie from Rogue River Oregon
    I'm 58. Gradually since my 20s I had used herbal laxatives more and more often, until finally I really couldn't 'go' unless I took some every night. And the necessary amount had increased over time. Then after surgeries and needing pain meds for several months, I began to take even more, plus Colace. Then, a caring friend who is an R.N. in elder care brought me the end of a jar of Fruit-Eze from the kitchen at her nursing facility. I am delighted! It only took a few weeks for me to wean myself completely from my herbal laxatives. I ordered one jar online the first time, and today I ordered a case, to save on price & shipping. Thank you!
  • Donna from Portland Oregon
    Love this stuff! My daughter works were they make this product and I never talked about this with her until I ran out one day, and she told me they made it where she worked, I am so happy now I can get it again. I have tried everything under the sun and this is "THE" only product that works! Believe me when I say I have tried everything.Glad I found you!
  • Jerry, the Dad from Elmwood Park New Jersey
    My 15 year old son was slowly developing a chronic constipation problem about six months ago. Like most 15 year olds his diet wasn't great. So, he changed his diet somewhat but didn't help. It was not getting much better and was effecting him psychologically until we tried Fruit-Eze. He's been on it for a few months, but it started working about a week or so later. Well it works. He is now very regular. Very few people can eat enough prunes, dates, and raisins to get that kind of an effect. We're telling everyone about it. THANK YOU FRUIT-EZE.
  • Kim from Springfield Virginia
    After only three days of using your product (Fruit-Eze), my son, who has cerebral palsy, complicated medical needs and is fed via g-tube, has had the first formed bowel movement in longer than I can remember. I am already so pleased with your product that I am passing the information along to everyone I know! Thank you!!!!
  • Miguel from Key West Florida
    I have had a constipation problem for 40 years! Fruit-Eze is a real lifesaver! Along with your product and healthy lifestyle changes, I have been successful in ending a decades-old laxative dependency. I've just ordered my second container of Fruit-Eze! Thank you.
  • Becky from Cockeysville Marlyland
    Thank you so much for your product!  After more than a year of constantly withholding bowel movements and experiencing behavioral issues because of constipation, my 3.5 year old daughter is now having easy, willing bowel movements on a daily basis!  Fruit-Eze has turned our house completely upside down - for the better! My daughter feels so proud of herself.  She loves the taste of Fruit-Eze, and can't wait to eat her slice of toast every morning!
  • Brenda from Birmingham Alabama
    Thank you. It (Fruit-Eze) has worked wonderful for our eight year old who is now not afraid to go.
  • Valerie from Xenia Ohio
    It (Fruit-Eze) is a wonderful product.  My mother's medication (for Parkinson Disease) makes her very constipated.  My dad and I have had to fight this condition for several years.  She really doesn't eat much but will eat a bit of the Fruit Eze daily.  I found the product when someone on one of my caregiver list online gave the link.  Referral really works when you have such a fine product.
  • Very Greatful K. from DeSoto Texas
    I am a 42 year old female who have had problems since my early thirties. The problem became progressively worse over time to a point where I couldn't go to the bathroom until 5 or more days. I could always tell when it was becoming problematic because the back of my legs would start hurting and I would feel sick. I would cry myself to sleep because my stomach would be so bloated and hurting. I constantly went to the doctor and took laxatives. The doctor gave me no relief and over time the laxatives haven't either. The last straw was Dec '06 when I starting having abdominal pains daily. My doctor put me on the new drug Zelnorm in January. On the first day I took Zelnorm I was on Ask.com and asked the question "What is considered a normal bowel movement". A list of web sites came up, including Fruit-Eze. I reviewed your sight for two days and thought it was too easy and too good to be true. But I made my first purchase anyway. I was so anxious to get my order because I don't like taking medications. As soon as I got my Fruit-Eze I stopped taking the Zelnorm. Since receiving my Fruit-Eze I have gone from every 5 days (maybe) to once-a-day. I actually went the day after my first 2 tablespoons. It tastes great and it's natural. All I can say is keep doing what you are doing; you have a customer for life. Your company is truly a blessing from God.
  • Joann from Fort Pierce Florida
    My husband has Lewy Body disease. I found a recommendation for Fruit-Eze Regularity Blend on http://www.lewybodyjournal so we tried it for ourselves. I wanted to let you know that I am THRILLED with Fruit-Eze. My husband is now regular after suffering with constant constipation. I am finding the JOY in Fruit-Eze and am so grateful. It is better than sliced bread! I told our hospice doctor about Fruit-Eze and he says it is the best investment I ever made and he is now recommending it to his other patients. Thank you so much.
  • Lucy from Canberra Australia
    I just wanted to let you know that the Fruit Eze has helped enormously. I thought that there would be nothing that would help me get back to a regular BM. I know it will take a while to get things back to normal but it has helped so much so far. Thank you very much for the fast service and sending it down to Australia for me. My mum uses it as well and finds it great.
  • Linda from Rensselaer New York
    The gastroenterologist prescribed Glycolax for constipation created by iron supplementation.  After a couple of months on the Glycolax, I developed a severe heart arrhythmia that worsened in the evening after taking the Glycolax.  Also, there were other unpleasant side affects. I experimented by not taking the Glycolax for five days and the arrhythmia was significantly reduced.  At the end of 2 weeks of not taking the prescription, my heart was back to normal.  I searched for another natural product and discovered Fruit-Eze on the Internet.  I was happy with this product immediately.  I now have normal bowel movements with no side affects.  It is unbelievable how effective Fruit-Eze is.
  • Sue from Sacramento California
    Your product is doing good things for my mom who has Parkinsons. She says it's the only thing that is helping at all, and she's the one who told us about it (Fruit-Eze Regularity Blend). She learned about it from a nurse who's worked in hospice and long term care programs for years, and she swears by it.
  • Peter from Boston Massachusetts
    I find your site very informative.
  • Barbara from Wilber Washington
    Thank you so much. This is great stuff!
  • Debra from Vallejo California
    I am a caregiver to my Mother in law who I ordered this for because she is having a problem with impaction (nothing else has worked and believe me I've tried them all) This is the second day I have given it to her in her oatmeal and it is already working! Thank you so much for this product! We now have your web site posted on the Elder Care Online web site for others to see and try your product! I have already posted my own results with your product so hopefully you will be getting a lot more orders! Again thank you...you have made my job so much easier!
  • Jennifer from Independence Missouri
    TThanks for this product! It has made a tremendous difference in the health of my 8 year old who has struggled with good bowel habits since she was an infant. It's great for the rest of us, too. : ) . Thanks!
  • Betty from Portland Oregon
    Thank you. Can't live without this wonderful fruit (product).
  • Mrs. K. from Baltimore Maryland
    You have answered my prayers! I have a 4 year old daughter who has battled with constipation for over 2 years. I tried everything from diet to doctors to medication. Just one week prior to her GI Specialist appt, I found out about Fruit-Eze. I ordered it, tried it and it produced results the next day. I did not need to start the 2nd medication that the Specialist had prescribed for my child. For the past two weeks, she has had a regular BM everyday. Thanks so much.
  • Dianne from Fairfield New Jersey
    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly . . . I have to say this is the first product ever to help me. With much thanks - more than you know.
  • Mary from Portland Oregon
    I am absolutely ecstatic about using Fruit-Eze... it's the only product that has truly helped with my IBS issues.
  • Pat B. from Portland Oregon
    You really do make a fabulous product. It (Fruit-Eze) is a safe and effective alternative to stimulant laxatives. It (Fruit-Eze) has made a huge difference in my life and improved my overall health. I can't say enough.
  • Kristina from Lancaster Pennsylvania
    We are very pleased with your product, and especially happy that it is all natural.
  • Claire from Rossmoor California
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have provided an end to my 16-year search for a solution …and in only one week. I hesitate to sound like an infomercial but this product is unbelievably easy to use and unbelievably quick. Best of all, it’s nature's solution.
  • Douglas
    Hi! Your web site about stools is very informative, and appreciated.
  • Karen from Haydenville Massachusetts
    I’ve never been as impressed by any of the many web sites I’ve visited regarding colon health and constipation as yours. Thank you for the valuable information that you provide.
  • Tracy from Calgary Alberta Canada
    Thank you very much – Great Service!
  • Susan from Easthampton Massachusetts
    My mother has Parkinson's Disease. Bowel Movements were approximately every 21 days. With Fruit-Eze she now has a bowel movement once a week... which is a significant improvement. We are hoping that she will improve to at least twice weekly.
  • Kelly from Little Rock Arkansas
    Great product. I was skeptical at first but now am really thrilled with it (Fruit-Eze™). Wish more people knew about it (Fruit-Eze™).
  • Kristina from Lancaster Pennsylvania
    We are very pleased with your product.
  • Kristine from Chaska Minnesota
    Thank you. I have an aunt that (also) needs your help desperately! Thanks for solving my father-in-law's issues.
  • Debra from Sheldon Iowa
    Great product, this is my second order and have introduced two others to this and they are now ordering. Your web site is very informative. Thanks.
  • Beth from Tigard Oregon
    Thank you so much for the previous order. It has really helped my mother. You provide a necessary and helpful service.
  • B.D. from Redondo Beach California
    Great product, keep up the good work.
  • Kristine from Chaska Minnesota
    My father-in-law has spent his whole adult life on daily antacids, laxatives and stool softeners. Also, he is in the beginning stages of Parkinson's Disease. He was known to only have a bowel movement once every 7-10 days! And then only after suppositories and a heavy load of laxatives, often requiring trips to the doctor and the emergency room cos t ing thousands of dollars!  It took only 2 weeks, and going up to 4 tablespoons to get him moving regularly! We are now down to 2 tablespoons after 6 weeks and will begin using just 1 tablespoon next week. He is now going 6 out of 7 days, once a day (sometimes twice) without stimulants! He has no cramping, no abdominal pain and for the first time it is a subject we no longer even talk about!  I did my homework and found Fruit-Eze when the doctors were putting him on Ducolax and I did a web search to see whether we should allow him to use Ducolax. We ordered Fruit-Eze instead and are just thrilled! Whatever you are doing, please keep it up! Thanks from the bottom of our hearts! And God Bless.
  • Nannette from Elizabethtown Pennsylvania
    My young children love Fruit-Eze.
  • Jeannette from Milledgeville Georgia
    Thank you for making such a great natural product available.  I had been dependent on laxatives since very early childhood.  I am now 51 years old and thanks to Fruit Eze I have not had a laxative since December, 2002.  God Bless You.  This product has truly been a God send.  I have Lupus and other medical problems, but this is one area that does not concern me anymore.
  • Joy from Edmonds Washington
    Thank you. I only ordered this yesterday and got it in the mail today. We love Fruit-Eze. Because we take many medications constipation is a chronic problem. So, thank you again for a wonderful product, fast service, and being pleasant to deal with.
  • Karla from Austin Texas
    Keep up the great product and service. Our family has been a loyal customer for several years now and we are very happy with the results.
  • Marcia from Boca Raton Florida
    I have ordered this (Fruit-Eze) several times. Great product. Please ship asap. Thank you.
  • C.M. from Charleston West Virginia
    I have been on one prescription laxative after another for the past 7 years of my life. Just last month I discovered I was pregnant and was taken off of the laxatives. My bowels totally quit working! I was told I had become dependent on them but could not take them while pregnant. I began researching and found this website. I have been taking Fruit-Eze for a month now and have not had even one day of constipation! Thank you.
  • Angela from Germantown Maryland
    This product was recommended to me for my daughter by Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore, MD.
  • Amy from Houston Texas
    This is our third round to use your product for my daughter. We use Fruit-Eze as a supplement to a balanced diet. It's very helpful.
  • Mark from Chicago Illinois
    Thank you, this stuff really works.
  • Barbara from Pikeville Tennessee
    This has worked well for my 92 year old father. Thanks.
  • Doris from Newburyport Massachusetts
    I would like to tell you that Fruit-Eze is a truly great working product and all the while it has been just most truly delicious. So thank you just so so much for developing it.
  • Kamala from Bay St. Louis Missouri
    I am the mother of a toddler with (complications) resulting from neonatal meningitis. He was not supposed to live. He's almost 3 now. And thanks to you, he poops just fine.
  • Patricia from Portland Connecticut
    Great product!
  • E.S. from Ashland Oregon
    Fruit-Eze is certainly the answer to a real health problem, especially to senior citizens.
  • Peggy from Napa California
    Thank you so much. The Fruit-Eze is for our 8 month old. And, just to let you know, Dr. Fredrichs in Sacramento, California recommended it for her.
  • Debora from Chiloquin Oregon
    I tried this at a local hospital and found it to be very helpful for me and also other members of my family.
  • Julie from Kirkwood Missouri
    My daughter has Down syndrome, children with DS tend to have constipation issues and many need medication. We tried your product because we didn't want to put her on medication, it seems to be working - might be a good market for you to tap into.  I have spread the word locally.
  • Victoria from Sacramento California
    We are excited about this product. My son, age 10, has had constipation and impactions since birth. We had to use enemas. And now, at age 10 he has hemorrhoids. The pediatrician said that Citrucel was not enough . . . he needed something to really get a reaction if he is to heal. The pediatrician recommended Fruit-Eze . . . relief was timely and not uncomfortable. We are looking forward to not ever worrying about going to the bathroom ever again. Thank You.
  • Margaret from Arroyo Grande California
    My husband (who has Parkinson's disease) is doing very well on Fruit-Eze…no laxatives, no stool softeners. It takes a little while but then Fruit-Eze takes over.
  • Blanche from Colorado
    TFruit-Eze is miraculous!
  • Hope G. from New Holland Pennsylvania
    Thanks so much! Your product works great for our 20-month old daughter with Downs' Syndrome.
  • Daniel C. from Center Barnstead New Hampshire
    I have been suffering with bowel trouble for a year, and I was finally diagnosed with IBS after seeing three different doctors. My problem became compounded by constipating pain medication. I was given prescription after prescription to help my bowel, and while the medicine provided a plethora of side effects, it provided little relief. Then my wife came home one day and told me about Fruit-Eze (she works in a nursing home). So, after researching your product, I decided to try it. I have been using it for about four weeks...bing, bang, boom, I'm comfortable again. And, whenever trouble re-appears, I simply increase my daily dose of Fruit-Eze until I'm regular again. I never thought I would feel this good. And the best part is: Fruit-Eze is all natural. Thank you for providing such a fantastic product.
  • Deana R. from Pennsylvania
    My 2 yr old daughter has Down Syndrome and children with DS have low muscle tone. One of the low muscle tone issues she has struggled with is the strength to be able to push out a BM, thereby making it very tough and hard to pass with the delay in timing....she has struggled in pain for 2 years and has been on Lactulose (prescription medication) prescribed by her pediatrician for over a year. Nothing worked effectively. On top of the prescription meds, we were giving her all kinds of fruits-prunes, raisins, pears, and peaches and would chase it with straight prune juice. Still... hard and difficult and painful BMs. When our Occupational therapist heard of your product at a recent conference she attended with nutritionists, she recommended that we try Fruit-Eze. Since we had tried most of what is already in your product, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. After 2 days, 2 tablespoons daily, my daughter had a soft BM. Still a little skeptical, I thought it might be a fluke so I still kept her prescription medication in the medicine cabinet just in case your product didn't work. A week later now, I feel confident to throw away her prescription medication ? which by the way had horrible side effects.....cramping, gassy, painful side effects. She has had NO side effects AT ALL with your product. No pain, no cramping, no gas...just soft BMs daily, easy to pass and relieving for her. Thank you so much for making this product. I am giving my pediatrician your information so he can let other parents know there is a positive, natural, effective alternative that gets even better results than drugs with side effects.
  • Eugenia M. (77-years young) from Boonton New Jersey
    Thanks to Fruit-Eze, I have the best bowels in Boonton.
  • Lea from Brookings Oregon
    Fruit-Eze changed my day-to-day overall comfort level dramatically. Previously, I could feel the discomfort I now know as the compression of constipation coming on. On the first or second day, the constipation I experienced made me feel lethargic and my abdomen was tight with pressure. By the third day I always had headaches and heartburn in addition to my other problems. Since discovering Fruit-Eze, I have gotten into the habit of having some everyday at breakfast, because I never want to worry about constipation developing again. I now have more energy and I rarely experience that same tightness in my lower belly. I feel so much better overall.
  • C.E.from Portland Oregon
    Before my omectomy surgery, I started taking Fruit-Eze. After the surgery, I continued with taking it and I had regular BM?s within 3 days. It was wonderful. With Fruit-Eze, I did not have to strain my internal or external sutures to move my bowels. My surgeon was so impressed with the results from your product. Thank you.
  • Lisa G. from Sacramento California
    I am so impressed with Fruit-Eze! After MONTHS of searching, I finally found something to help my son. Thank you. (Son was started on Fruit-Eze at age 2 1/2. He is now 3-years old).
  • Nancy B. from Yale Michigan
    This (Fruit-Eze) is the first thing in my life that does the trick. It (Fruit-Eze) really, really works.
  • Ragan C. from Ashland Oregon
    I love this product (Fruit-Eze). It works!
  • Janice W. from Lancaster Pennsylvania
    It's a miracle product. (For her 4-year-old son).
  • Linda H. from Eldorado California
    It (Fruit-Eze) has literally saved my son's life. (17-year-old son with Downs Syndrome).
  • Jean F.
    I am giving your (telephone) number to everyone. It (Fruit-Eze) is the only thing that keeps my 93-year-old father out of the hospital.
  • Tonya C., via her husband Chris
    This (Fruit-Eze) is the best thing she has ever tried. Don't ever go out of business.
  • Naomi H.
    I have colitis and you can tell anyone, it (Fruit-Eze) doesn't bother it at all. In fact, it bothers it (the colitis) NOT to take it.
  • Estelle M.
    It's a great product.
  • Regan C.
    It's a miracle! I love this stuff . . . It really works for me.
  • Mary W.
    It saved my life!
  • Maria C.
    It is great! I have never used anything that worked so quickly and so well. And I love that it is all natural.
  • Patty G.
    It is wonderful. It is working great for my 9-year-old.
  • Bernadette B.
    IT WORKS GREAT! (She used it while pregnant and continues to use Fruit-Eze).
  • Barbara K.
    I love Fruit-Eze. I think it's wonderful. It's working for me.
  • Howard B.
    Thanks for the quick service. It's rare she (his wife) is enthusiastic about new products, but she sure liked it (Fruit-Eze). She said it worked just great: after one day. And she only had one tablespoonful. Must be powerful stuff. Anyway, she said to buy lots and never let her run out, so you've got a great thing going.
  • Betsy A.
    (Fruit-Eze) has changed my life.
  • Janet H.
    We are absolutely dependent on it (Fruit-Eze). It is great. (4-year-old granddaughter with SB).
  • Linda H.
    This (Fruit-Eze) is the only thing that has ever worked for my son. (Her son has Downs syndrome).
  • Kim F.
    Your product is wonderful! I couldn't wait to tell you. It has been a nightmare since my daughter was born. She has been on mineral oil and we have been experiencing stomach cramping not to mention all the clothing that has been ruined. She loves it (Fruit-Eze)! We can hide her seizure medication in it and the Fruit-Eze masks the bitter taste. Thank you so much! (2 yr old daughter with schizencephaly).
  • Betsy A.
    I am a long-time customer but wish that I was a longer-time customer. I love your product.
  • Mrs. Loyal W.
    We are very pleased with the results.
  • Debra J.
    Works wonderful!
  • Nan S.
  • Vicki M.
    My 5-year-old daughter has used Fruit-Eze for 4 - 5 days now and it has helped tremendously. She is having a BM every day. We have been battling constipation with her for three years. This is wonderful!
  • Mary K.H.
    This stuff is REALLY good. My severely handicapped son was on lactulose and other laxatives, which weren't working, and now he is voiding on his own. Thank you for having this product.
  • Judith M.
    Never felt this good in my life!
  • Patricia H.
    It (Fruit-Eze) has changed my little guy's life!
  • Cerise I.
    My 4-year-old has been on it (Fruit-Eze) for 1 year and it keeps him perfectly regular. He doesn't mind it mixed in his apple juice either.
  • Ruth D.A.
    Great stuff!
  • Linda W.
    I love the product for my 94-year-old mother.
  • Mrs. Bo R.
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