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 22 Factors

22 Factors that Contribute to Constipation

A list of factors that can promote constipation.

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About Impactions

What is an Impaction? / Who is at Risk? / What are the symptoms? /
Can a Stool Form After an Impaction has Developed?


About Withholding Stools & Constipation

About Stool Withholding / How Does Stool Withholding Lead to Constipation? /
What Else Can Happen? / 3 Tips to Recover Defecation Reflex Responsiveness /
4 Tips for Parents


About Constipation During Pregnancy

How to Avoid Constipation Durig Pregnancy /
6 Common Reasons Why Constipation Develops


About Constipation from Medications

The Short List of Constipating Medications /
Links to the Long List of Constipating Medications


About Diarrhea

About Diarrhea / What is Diarrhea Caused By? / What are Some of the 
Treatments? / Fluid Intake is Important


Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble Fiber Adds Bulk and Improves Stoll Quality in 3 Important Ways /
Does Fruite-Eze__ Regularty Blend Contain Insoluable Fiber? /
About Insoluble Fiber / Table: Rich Sources of Insoluble Fiber

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Soluble Fiber

Soluble Fiber Softens Stool and Improves Stoll Quality in 3 Important Ways /
Does Fruit-Zes__ Regularity Blend Contain Soluble Fiber? /
About Soluble Fiber / Table: Rich Sources of Soluble Fiber


What is Normal Stool?

What is Normal Stool? / What is a Stool Made From? /
How Often Should I Move My Bowel? / What Happens When I Withhold Stools?